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The Northern Cheyenne Language Consortium is governed by a three-member Board of eminent indigenous language specialists, both Native speakers and linguists. The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall direction and decision-making of the organization. Directors are elected for two-year terms from candidates nominated from within the Board.

Curtis Yarlott (Crow) has worked for St. Labre parochial school over 30 years ands currently serves as the Executive Director for St. Labre. Mr. Yarlott has devoted himself to caring for and helping the children who come through St. Labre and the various programs he works with. To Mr. Yarlott supporting his community and its children are of utmost importance and he has dedicated his life in pursuit of this.

Allen Clubfoot (Northern Cheyenne)
is a Northern Cheyenne Tribal member who has worked with Northern Cheyenne tribal and language programs for nearly 30 years. As a fluent Northern Cheyenne speaker, he has directed the Montana Indian Language Program at Chief Dull Knife College and taught the language at the Northern Cheyenne Tribal School. Along with his role on this board, he also serves as chair of the Coalition of Northern Cheyenne for Preservation and Revitalization of the Northern Cheyenne Language.

Wilhelm Meya
is the Chairman and Executive Director of The Language Conservancy. He is a national advocate for endangered languages and draws on more than 20 years of experience in higher education, linguistics, and nonprofit management. Under Mr. Meya’s leadership, the Conservancy has become the chief promoter of worldwide action for protecting languages and preserving cultures.